It says “rent includes all utilities" does that mean that utilities are in addition to to the cost of rent or they're included for free?

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Roxanna G:
the ad is written strangely because utilities means water and electric.
If the rental was in a complex usually the water is paid but you pay your own electric.
I suppose it has gas heat.
If the rental was in a complex it might have basic cable (tv) included and perhaps wi-fi (which may or may not work, like it might only be in the laundry room).

Why is the digit 4 there? Is there room for 4 people and you have to share?
Don't concern yourself with the BBQ or jacuzzi as you might never use those.
But "street parking" sounds not so good to me.

If you want to go see it ask where it is and what's a good time and go take a look. Ask the rent, ask your questions, and look for a lease, read it thoroughly before signing. If no lease you could be tossed out quickly. And if all the utilities are paid in your rent your rent would be higher (you'd be paying for how they also use those utilities).
Partially furnished probably means you bring your own bed, lamp, tv, etc. so you'd have to look and see if there's enough room for your bed.
If this is an ad from the internet then it could be a come-on and be dangerous. Check em out. Pay by check. Always pay by check.

Without getting into a long drawn out definitions of what is considered a utility, normally this mean your basic utilities are included in your monthly rent.

There are no free rides in the renting of a rental unit. You would be paying the utilities in some form. If there is an increase in the use of any and all utilities, this increase would cause your landlord to increase your rent.

Basic utilities normally mean gas, water and electric.

Cable internet and other utilities would be at you own expense and would be required to be turned on by you and would be in your name.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


If I own the house and rent it out then I might decide to pay for all the utilities and include any cost for that in the rent. That might be very helpful to a renter that maay only stay a few months.
Included in the price of rent. So it's not "free" – you're just not paying extra. And that would include likely heat/electricity/water etc – not things like cable or internet. Ask what precisely it includes so there's no surprise.
Rent includes utilities means the rent covers the utilities cost and you dont pay extra. That may not mean phone and internet. It could mean gas and electric. You have to ask.
Elaine M:
It means you don't have to pay separately for the water use, electric or gas. The rent is covering all those and the landlord pays them.

Your PHONE, on the other hand, is not a utility, you pay for that yourself. Usually any cable TV or internet connection is a separate thing but you're lucky that's included for free.

Included means just that. You do not have to pay extra for them as the amount you pay each month in rent covers them also
Included means everything is paid by the one rent payment
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They are included in the rent. Usually everything except phone.

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