I've been paying my life insurance on time for almost 2 years I can no longer afford to pay it, am I able to receive any money back?

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If it is term life insurance, then absolutely not. If it is a whole life policy, there may be some accumulated cash value that you can get back, but it will be very small after only 2 years of paying premiums.
Insurance Pickle.com:
Highly unlikely that there'd be any money if it's a cash value policy. And, if it's not a cash value policy, then no. Just like your car insurance. You don't get any money back after two years.
It will depend on the type of policy you have, but in general, no. If you have a whole life policy that builds cash value, there is probably a (small!) amount of money there. If you have any other form of life insurance, you will not get anything back.
No. There's no money back, two years in.
Probly not. Can not afford to pay? Then get a policy with less coverages and a cheaper policy like a term policy.
If it is term life insurance, no. If it is whole life insurance, probably yes.
It it's term insurance, no. Otherwise, maybe yes.
Casey Y:
If you died and the company didn't have the money, would you be ok with them not paying the death benefit??

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