Job Ideas for a 16 year old now a days?

I just turned 16 last September. I can do a couple things now that i'm 16 right? like start working. Any job ideas? and if i were to work at some sort of restaurant whats some things i'd do on my first day? or a clothing store?

Best Answer:

Alex E.: you probably have no skills, your time is limited, you may not have transportation other than your parents driving you so any job you might be able to get will be very menial, probably very boring and not particularly enjoyable
but if you want to make your own money unless you can find something on your own, baby sitting, pet sitting, yardwork, paper route etc your chances are slim but you can certainly try

Other answer:

Alex E.:
Store clerk
Amusement park/arcade attendant
Librarian assistant
Landcaping job
Survey administrator
Computer/tech Expert
Car Valet
Automobile Detailing
Fast food restaurant is the typically choice for 16 year olds. You would train on our first day.
Lawn service
Curtis 1911:
Hang Christmas decorations and rain gutter cleaning.

After Christmas do all the clean-ups, and take down the lights.

Cashier jobs are great for teens!
Md Shohidul Islam:
Freelancing is the best i think.

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