Job in property managment?

If I were to take a course online what r something I would learn and if anyone is a property manager that can give me some details like pay and work hours thanks

Best Answer:

gina: You have to get used to unhappy residents yelling at you about things that are out of your control. You have to get used to happy residents taking up your whole day chatting. It's a good job with many job openings. It's a 9-6 job but you are on call for emergencies. Most property mangers have specialty training (such as CMCA) and a BA. It pays the same as any middle management position, from $50-100. You have to have knowlege of accounting, as you will be responsible for the financial reporting of the property to the ownership. Some properties offer a rent discount or free apartment. But if you leave employment there, you have to move out fast.

Other answer:

It's a 24-7 job. It pays very well. You have to know Fair Housing, Management, Time Management, Computer Skills, Accounting, Record Keeping, Interpersonal Skills, and Business in General.
Find a place you would like to work. Walk into that place. Ask supervisor there what type of education they need you to have and pay and work hours. There are hundreds of different types of property management jobs that require different things and pay in different ways.
You should have a degree in business management if you expect to be hired
as a property manager.

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