John Kerry is a ******* idiot?

Who agrees?

Best Answer:

Giggs: Whatever adjective you had in mind it likely doesn't address the true issue. Kerry has nefarious intentions and Hates every leader who isn't a Marxist Tyrant that limits and suppresses the liberty of decent human beings. He may not be an idiot at all. He is pursuing evil ends. Maybe he and all Progressives are nothing more than servants of Satan.

Other answer:

John Kerry's net worth is just shy of $200 million. Go look in your wallet and see if you're smarter than he is.
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Darryl Bullock:
If you can't explain how or why then that more than likely makes you an jackazz
Jadzia Dax:
Well maybe he feels the same about you
Bada Bing is now Retired:
F***ing idiots do.
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