Just got my 1st DWI, I currently pay rougly $90 a month for my car insurance through USAA. How much more a month now will I be paying? Est..?

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Casey Y:
Not might, USAA will drop you completely. Expect to see your rate go from $1000 annually to $3500 or more annually, that's without a claim on top of the DWI.

Average cost to my clients for a DUI, when all fees, fines, insurance surcharges, etc, $12,000. Given my estimate above, that's $7,500 for the first three years of insurance surcharge alone.

Don't forget that loss of license in most states with mandatory minimum time frames.

If you were over double the limit, expect additional surcharges and requirements, like those interlock devices.



Now both of these sites have added on lawyer costs for this, but even if you subtract out, you will be paying quite a bit for other fees, like possibly an interlock device, SR22 and most DUI'S stay on your record (for insurance) on average of 5 to 10 years.

If, you have not hired a criminal defense lawyer, I strongly suggest you do. A good one knows the system, the court, judges and the DA.

Also, my guess when your insurance comes up for renewal, that USAA will drop you, and will need to find an insurance company to insure you.

As soon as they find out it will change for the worse. If they don't find out you may be able to skate but do not switch companies because they will ask about any and all tickets. I don't think you are obligated to volunteer the information but if they run regular license checks on policy holders you will be caught. You made a big spendy mistake and hopefully you learn from it because it will follow you for many years.
It depends on what state you live in. All states have different insurance rates. You are lucky IF you are already locked into to a rate until your next renewal date. When does your policy renew? That is when you will find out.
Depends how clean your driving record is otherwise, but it could easily double. Assuming of course that they don't decide to just drop you all together.
No one here could possibly know how much it will go up – but it IS possible they'll flat out cancel you.
They might drop your azz.

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