Kansas state taxes owed?

Other answer:

If you don't work there, or live there, you will not owe any KS taxes. If you work there, or live there, you'll pay some payroll taxes. If you sell something there, you'll owe sales taxes to the local county, and state. Otherwise, if you own property, you'll pay taxes on that to the county or state, depending on what the property consists of.

The amount you owe will depend on what type of tax, and how it was to be calculated. See a tax accountant if you have questions for your business, or personal tax liability. Many can figure out what they own by visiting their nearest tax office and requesting some assistance, training etc to understand how to calculate their own taxes, forms required, etc.

Max Hoopla:
I don't owe Kansas anything. Do you?
if you owe they want their money like any other state
Bostonian In MO:
Look at your tax return.
Ryan M:
No I don't, but thanks for asking!

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