Landlord suing for possession of premises and rent arrears.?

My Landlord has taken me to court a few times over 20 yrs. He wants his rent and me out of the apartment. I have the money to pay now. Will he accept it and avoid going to court? I'm in NY.

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Don Jose:
Its completely up to the landlord. Most of the time the landlord will want what is owed plus any expenses he has incurred like his filing fees. But it is possible he just wants to evict because he is tired of you being a difficult tenant. Do what ever you can to avoid formal eviction, its far worse than you likely understand.
It depends on how often he has had to do this to get you to pay the rent. Most landlords will toss out a tenant after about the third time or so they are this late paying the rent.
Since the landlord has had nothing but headaches from you, he will legally
want you evicted and ordered to pay all unpaid rent.
after 20 yrs one would think he had learned his lesson but if he has given you an eviction notice if he accepts your money it automatically negates that notice — until the next time you fail to pay the rent
Why doesnt he just give you a 30-day notice to terminate when your lease is over?
He may accept all of your outstanding debt. It is up to him. He also has a right to refuse it and just sue for eviction and what he is owed.
Pascal the Gambler:
That dependson if you have a lease or no.
Maybe, maybe not you will have to ask him

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