Let's say I only work 10 years. From the age of 20 to the age of 30. Then I never work again till the age of 65. Can you get retirement?

Other answer:

You will be entitled to social security retirement benefits and survivor benefits would be payable.

However, social security uses a person's high 35 years of earnings in computing the benefit. That means that they would have to use 25 years of zero earnings in your case. The amount of your benefit MIGHT cover your cable bill. But, don't worry, you would be entitled to SSI Aged benefits at age 65 (federal welfare program). Currently the maximum SSI benefit is $733 a month (that amount would be reduced by the amount of your small social security retirement benefit). Plus in all but 7 states you would automatically be eligible for Medicaid when you become entitled to SSI; something to look forward to (if of course laws don't change before then). And BTW, when you are old enough to reach full retirement age it will be age 67 (currently it is age 66 not age 65).

Also you would be insured for disability benefits but that coverage runs out once a person stops working. At the most you would continue to be covered for disability benefits for 5 years after work ends. That means that if you were in an accident and became a quadriplegic after the 5 years you would not be entitled to social security disability benefits because your coverage under the disability program ran out.

With retirement and survivor benefits you need a certain number of work credits; 40 for retirement benefits and the number of work credits needed for survivor benefits depends upon your age at the time of death. No one ever needs more than 40 work credits. That isn't the case with disability – with disability, credits must be earned within a specified time since the purpose of a disability benefit is to partially replace RECENT loss of earnings.

I knew someone worked 10 1/2 years has heart problems and receives approximately $1500 a month disability. Some people work and do not even make $1500 a month. I have heard can range from let's say $800.00 to $2500.00 depending on the length of work and when disability started
Linda R:
You will only earn what you paid in for 10-years…..which is probably peanuts compared to working until you're 60-65 years of age and then retire.
If the whole 10 years was under social security, you'd get that. If the company had a pension, you'd get it. But neither would be much, not enough to live on.
Yes because to get social security you need to work 40 quarters which 10 years would give you. However, as what you get from social security is based on your best earning years, it's not going to be very much by the time you are eligible.
Very little. Social Security is based on your highest 35 yrs. wages, so if you only work 10 yrs, you have 25 yrs. of zero that factor in. You would have to save a lot of money and what are you going to live on from age 31 to 68?
fairly smart:
If they don't do away with it by the time you get there. With 10 years in, even with interest, it won't be much.
A tiny bit. You'd still have to give handjobs for food.
You'll get social security, but next to nothing. It's not a good plan.
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