Looking at house on Craigslist it says for rent how do I find the person's phone # instead of using his email and where can find out info?

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I'll admit that it's a little strange that there is no phone number. Unfortunately if they didn't list a phone number, then there is no way to find out what it is. If they left their name then maybe you can do some digging to find it, but this is a serious waste of time. If you really are interested then send them an email. Just be weary of scams. If they email you back and in the first few sentences they tell you that they are out of town, then stop reading, delete the email and move on. Craigslist is rife with rental scams. The most common is a home listed for rent for what seems to be an incredible deal. So you let the know you are interested and the renter gets back to you saying that they are currently out of town, but they will mail you the key to the house so you can take a look at it yourself. You just need to send them a small security deposit of a couple hundred dollars to make sure you don't damage anything. Then if you foolishly send them the money you never receive a key in the mail, and you come to find out that the person you were talking to doesn't even own the house, and it's not ever for rent. Just watch yourself. You are better off finding rentals through a listing service than through Craigslist.
You cant. And it may not be legitimate. Many of these ads are people in Africa who pretend to have a place to rent and ask you to send deposit. Of course, many advertisers dont put their phone number in an ad. You have to email them if there is no other contact number and ask for their phone number or give yours so they can phone you. But before you do anything, please go and see the place and make sure the person is the owner or manager. Do everything in writing.
write him an e-mail. I remember when I put a house on Craig's List for rent, I didn't want to put my telephone number on there. As it was I put my REAL email address and ended up with ONE BILLION ads for erection pills. The world is so full of scam artists, it's amazing.

If anybody has any sense, they advertise their place on Craig's list and make up a fake email address just for that. And he'd be crazy to put his phone number on there!

Watch out for craigslist scams. If he does not offer his name or number to you.
you can be sure something is not right. NEVER send money.
send an email, if he is legitimate and this is a real rental, he will provide the phone number in reply
you don't
Happy Gramps:
if there is no phone #, then forget it…………….probably a scam

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