Maxus management?

Hi everyone, I was contacted by this "Maxus Management" on instagram, since I'm interested I would like to know whether or not they're a legit company or a scam..? thank you ^^

Best Answer:

Pablo: They are not a model agency or management firm. They are a digital marketing and PR agency. You pay them to handle your online and social media marketing. They don't pay you. Anyone can work with them as long as they have enough money to pay them the monthly fee
So unless you are looking to pay a company to help you increase your online presence and influence, redesign your blog/website, help you gain followers, etc then just ignore it

They are a legitimate company. I don't know how much they charge, but most PR/digital marketing agencies charge minimum $2000/month for a small basic account, then go up from there depending on the services you require. I don't know if their rates are the same as others in the industry or not. So it's all up to you if you want to invest in a company to help you increase your social media profile. And if you do, never go with the first agency who contacts you. Always talk to at least 5-10 agencies to compare their client list, their prices, their success rates, their plans for you, etc before you decide which one to work with.

Other answer:

They are a legitimate PR/marketing company. You pay them to represent you, they don't pay you. You pay the firm to promote you and your social media profiles.
So it depends if you want to pay a PR firm to help promote you on social media or not

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