Me and my friend what to share an apartment (we re both 19), I was wondering if anyone has any tips or advice to give?

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brian: Write an agreement of understanding. Include who will pay what amount – percentage/share in rent and utilities, rules about no smoking, possible guests overnight, for a limited time. I suggest you keep your food separate. Having been through that many moons ago, if your friend eats like a glutton, you will end up screwed. After two weeks, I put a stop to that and or food was separate. Include anything you can think of and that if one of you wants to move out mid-lease, that person will not screw the other but, the one moving out shall continue to pay her share of the rent through the end of the lease. Subleasing with a stranger may or may not work out and neither of you are going into this counting on that. Make sure your friend is compatible, having similar work hours. For example, if one of you gets up at 3 a.m. and disturbs the other every early evening, that would be a problem. You might even want to include keeping the kitchen relatively clean and free of dirty dishes – wash them as soon as they are dirtied, dry and put them away so they do not pile up, causing the other to have to deal with it when she wants to use the kitchen.

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As you have already decided to rent an apartment together, start planning when you will actually move in, what area you both prefer and how much you’re planning to spend on renting. This article has a very good advice. You should definitely visit properties together. There could be something that you roomie can't live with and you even don't notice that. So you need to find a perfect apartment for both of you.
Patricia Parker:
Make sure you trust each other with your life, this is a decision that can go either way, I have lived with a few friends over the years when I was younger. One girl I lived with and shared in bills, accused me of shall we say having fun with her man, and not only did I move out, but lost a friend as well, another girl I lived with we had been friends for years and years, but I found she had habits I didn't know about that were annoying, I finally found another apartment and moved in with a guy who later turned out to be my husband a couple years later. If you have the same interests, the same morals, the same values, the same beliefs you don't do a lot of arguing to begin with. I'd say try it, but have a back up plan if it fails
be forewarned that you might be friends now but it may not take a month and your years of friendship are kaput
tho there are some that this will work but all too often it doesn't, but if you want to give it a try and don't have yourselves locked into something you can't get out of(like a long term lease) go for it
From experience sharing an apartment with friends is the quickest way to lose those friends or certainly fall out with them.

So from experience, my advice would be..

– sit down and talk through everything and come to an agreement on them all,, so you both go in with your eyes wide open..

so agree on things like

– paying bills – how do you split them, whose name as they in (suggest both). Even things like disagreements on how long to leave the central heating on or not can cause upsets
– food – do you buy separately and cook separately (easier) or do joint meals?
– friends – agree on how often friends come round and how late they stay
– ditto girlfriends
– housework – again work something out here.. will be arguments if you are a neat freak and he a slob

while moving out with a mate sounds fun, in reality it can be very different.. the fun mate you go drinking with in evenings etc can be a very different person when you see him first thing in the morning or he refuses to do any housework or pay his share of the bills

From experience I found it easier to share with people who weren't friends with as such, but who I got on with and kept my friends separate !

Make sure you have compatible lifestyles and know each others' boundaries.

You might want to make a written agreement between yourselves.

Friends do not always make good roommates. As another answer already stated, it might be a good way to end the friendship. Issues come up, you will disagree on things.

Learn to present yourself in a manner where you sound intelligent and therefore can have a good paying job to afford a place.

Try again with, "My friend and I….."

If you want to remain friends …………DON'T!

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