Mobile Home Living? What are the pros and cons of living in a mobile home? What do you like and dislike about living in one? The more?

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I lived in a mobile home from 1971 until I graduated college in 1981. My mother bought a top of the line "Baron" model for $10K plus $1K for central air. It was a 2 br/ 1ba with front living room (which was unusual in design) and was 12 x 70. Lot rent at the beginning was about $275/mo.

Pros – price.
Cons – a lot. Furnace was oil and needed maintenance every year as the burner nozzles would regularly clog. Walls were only 3" thick and windows were cheap metal crank type that were drafty in the winter, so the heating bills were high. A/C went out after about 5 years and we never used it again. Water heater was small and would leak about every 4 years and need replacement. After my mother moved out in 1995 and sold it for $4500, a few years later the front bay window fell off. I just went back this summer and it's still standing.

As others have said, they aren't very "mobile". They are titled like a vehicle. The park was nice when we moved in, but went downhill. Lots of retirees, but eventually more sketchy people. A lot of renters that could barely make the rent. We had one break in.

richard t:
They are much cheaper to buy but depreciate over time. It is hard to find your own lot though so most end up paying rent for the space. Taxes are less, interest to finance is more. Mobile home parks can vary widely between quite decent with amenities to low lives everywhere. Might be a good first option to someone that cannot afford a home yet.
I'm never lived in one, but I've walked past mobile home communities. I imagine the worst part of it is that all your neighbors are mobile home dwellers and they are close by. Also the buildings always seems to have a certain mobile look to it, and the groups of homes have a camp look to it.
I have never lived in one, but some of the cons are that they have very poor insulation and can often have drafty gaps making for very expensive utility costs, especially in cold climates. They are also difficult to repair, But to me the worst is that they depreciate in value from year to year, unlike (most) regular houses.
pro is that when own the building and can do what you want with it on the inside (and outside to some extent). you don't have to depend on a landlord for repairs…

they are good for people that don't need to use it as an investment. they are popular among retirees in my state.

in some parks you don't have to do any lawn care/snow shoveling

if you rent..its not that much different than an apartment

Nuff Sed:
A "mobile home" is generally a misnomer because it is permanently installed somewhere and would generally only be moved when being replaced due to decay.

Technically, in the USA, a "mobile home" is a factory-built home that was manufactured prior to June 15, 1976. A "manufactured home" would be one that was made after that date, to federal HUD standards.

Manufactured homes are notoriously hard to heat unless modified for a particularly cold location. Water and drain pipes may freeze underneath if the skirts and insulation are not properly installed.

There is a wealth of info about things that can go wrong with mobile homes and manufactured homes in the "Inspectapedia" website.


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