My Amazon Package is "On the way"?

I'm tracking it, and it's already been shipped and now it says "On it's way" and the one after that will be "Out for delivery" I'm sure this is very simple, but can someone explain the different stages?

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Elizabeth: no, those things go thru metal detectors

Other answer:

I guess they're using "On the way" now because people were getting confused by the usual term "in transit." It simply means that the package is somewhere between the Amazon warehouse and your local post office.
Happy Gramps:
don't use the tracking info on the amazon site because it's not accurate….you need to use the tracking # on the website of the carrier ( ups, fedex, usps )…as far as the stages a package will go thru – WAY too many to write about here
On the way I think means it's on the way to the Amazon depot closest to you. From there, the delivery truck will pick it up to bring it to your house (out for delivery).

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