My bedrooms are loft conversions, all attic rooms, 1 is flat roof. There s no loft space. If lightening struck would we die? Should I move?

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Should I move??? Yes please do. Mom has been wanting to get rid of you for some years now !
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a flat roof is not necessarily an attraction for lightning, if you are apprehensive about the quarters install a lightning rod on the bldg to divert any charge
…no, lightning would not kill all the people in the property. It would just hit the roof.

Loft space is handy for storage, but not a requirement. Up to you whether you move or not; this wouldn't be a reason though.

The chances of being killed by lightning are 300,000 to one
Nuff Sed:
If there is not a primary means of egress (i.e., hallway to stairs) and a secondary escape route (additional, separate stairs or windows), then many people have in fact died in such attic conversions when a residential fire starts from any cause (lightning, candles, cooking, electrical overload, whatever).

Also, many building codes require a window in any room where people are sleeping (i.e., 8 percent of the floor area equivalent in glass) and adequate ventilation (i.e., 4 percent of floor area should be "openable" to the outside, unless there is equivalent mechanical ventilation or an exemption in the code).

Lightning (correct spelling) will not strike a flat roof. Lightning goes for the nearest high point.
This is one of the most unlikely ways you could die. And the flat roof does not increase your chances. But if this is keeping you awake – unable to enjoy life- then by all means -move.
Yes if lightening struck, you'f be in jeopardy of dying. If a meteor hit, you'd be in jeopardy of dying. If there's a gas explosion, you'd be in jeopardy of dying.

None of the above are reasons to move.


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