My boss is asking me to work New Year's Day?

I feel bad saying no, but I work at a hotel which is obviously always open..but I really don't want to work New Year's Day as I am planning on going to a party and will probably be up all a lot of the night and pretty well useless at work the next day. I always feel guilty saying no. How do I get over this?

Other answer:

Get another job.

A hotel needs people to staff it 24/7. If you're not up to the task, don't do it. You're free to take your entitled butt down the street and find work in a business that will let you get stewed whenever you want and won't care when you come in with a hangover and sit in a corner drooling.

You're a snowflake. Act like one. Stop pretending that you want to work to earn a living. Just get on welfare now and get it over with. Let other people actually create things of value, then wait for whatever scraps the government seizes from the producers and throws to you.

Tell your employer the truth – that you are going to a New Years' party the previous night and you are wild at parties and will likely be doing a lot of drinking and that always leaves you with headaches and in no shape for even getting up before noon the next day. Tell him you don't often do that and you would never do it with work the next day but, New Years is special and you intend to be wild and free while the alcohol flows.
Are you prepared to negotiate – like working New year's day in return for two days off? Or ask for more pay? If so put it to him, saying "I really want to go to a party the night before, but wouldn't dream of coming in unable to do a proper day's work. However I'll miss the party, get an early night, and come in for XXX
I would say, it is not good to drink, unless this is just a small social party with friends and food and watching the ball drop.
Then I would say, your boss wants you to work so that he can go and party and not have to come in on New Years day.
and then, I would say, jobs do actually believe they own their employees and your very soul.

Money pays for your life on Earth.
That is called "purchasing your life". If you hear and see and feel then you might know that it is wrong to purchase your life.

Good luck anyway. Just say you can not and, if they fire you, well you should have had a better plan than to obsess over money anyway.
Like plantings seeds and making sure the water outside was clean and learning how to build your own home because even your own dad did not know and would not and etc.

Good luck 😉

Working on this specific day is a service that many managers have taken notice of in their employees' business etiquette, beforehand, and may become an an action of advancement towards a promotion. Hope this helps 😀
Simple, how long have you been there and what's your relationship with management, if a short period then don't even mention it to the management as you will leave a poor impression if a long time then just ask worst they can say is no.
Partying is never a good excuse to not go to work. If you want to keep this job and be considered for promotion, agree to work, negotiate the start time, don't drink too much on NYE and get to bed by 2AM
Ask to work later hours like after 1 pm. In that kind of job working on holidays is a given .
it wasn't an order, it was a request……………………… when they ask, you have the option to say no………………………
it wasn't an order, it was a request……… when they ask, you have the option to say no………

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