My credit card is being charged $19.99 every month… I would like to know why?

Other answer:

Look at your monthly statement. Every item you are being charged for is on there, including interest charged by the credit card company.

Then, you can follow it up, either with the credit card company or the source of the charge.

Contact the credit card company OR: the name of whoever is charging you should appear on your statement.
If you look at your credit card statement, it should say which company is receiving the money and you call the customer service department of that company
Maybe you are subscribed to an app or a website and it s on the auto thing where every month it takes x amount out of your account
Every charge on your statement has a telephone number. Call it.
Because you signed up for a website and paid for it monthly, or someone hacked your card number.
Sounds like Lifelock, or similar. Did you sign up for any online "free" trials, or a regular service?
have you gone over drawn or is someone in your family using your card to get things online
Obviously because you signed up for something that has a monthly fee.
Rick B:
No idea. Contact the company charging you.

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