My dad is claiming me on my taxes? Will I still get my money back?

I don't know a lot about claiming or tax returns, but my dad is claiming me under his name since I live with him.

I work a part time job, have been since March of this year. Does that mean he can take the money I earned away from me?

Other answer:

A parent has a right to the fruits of their child's labor if the child is under the age of majority. Few avail themselves of that right. So, can he take all or your money? Yes, he absolutely can if you are still a minor. Will he? You'll have to ask him.

If you are under age 19 as of the end of the year or under age 24 and a full time student for any part of any 5 months during the year and you live in your father's home for more than half of the year and you didn't provide more than half of your own support for the year, he can claim you as a dependent under the Qualifying Child rule.

If you 19 or older and are not a full time student he can claim you as a dependent under the Qualifying Relative rule if your gross income is less than $4,050 in 2016 and he provided more than half of your total support for the year. Under this rule it does not matter where you lived.

If you can be claimed as a dependent, you lose your personal exemption and any education credits to whomever can claim you. This is true even if nobody claims you. Since you lose your personal exemption you will pay more tax than someone who is not a dependent, all other factors being equal. If you made less than $6,300 you will get a refund of all federal income taxes that were withheld from your pay. If you made more you will not get a full refund and it's possible that you could even owe more tax when you file your tax return.

The law and facts at hand determine if you are a dependent or not. Your and your father's personal preferences are irrelevant.

just living with him doesn't make you his dependent
you need to determine your status but back to your question, you file your own tax return on your own income and depending on your dependency status you probably will have refunded to you the amount that was withheld for income tax, the check or direct deposit will go to you or your bank account, not your father
as a dependent you would be less than 19, living in your father's household six months and not providing more than 50% of your own support, when you turn 19 you also have to be attending full time school 5 months
if you live in his household the entire year, do not make $4050(for 2016), he provides more than 50% of your support and you cannot be claimed on another tax return(except yours that ONLY claims your refund)
David and Stephanie:

You will still file your own tax return, and if you overpaid your tax liability the extra money will be refunded to you either with a direct deposit to your bank account or a check payable to you. Either way, he can't take your refund.

He doesn't take anything away from you If you made under 6350 total for the year, you'll get all your federal withholding bsck. If you made more that, the IRS will keep some of your witholding because you'll owe tax.,
Beverly S:
No. Since you are part time you will file but don't claim yourself as a dependent. You will still get money back.
Not as much. If he is still providing more than 50% of your income he gets to claim you.
Pascal the Gambler:
You may, depends on your income level and what was withheld. No, he doesn't get any of your money.
No, you will still file your own taxes and get your own refund
Max Hoopla:
Maybe, we can't tell. He can't take your money.

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