My dad wants money off me every week for living in his house and eating the food he buys I am in overdraft its high could I?

What should I do to pay it off ask my dad if I can stop giving him keep till I get paid again in two weeks or not give him any money at all what do I do about this I really don't want my overdraft anymore
Could I have some advice

Best Answer:

Jadzia Dax: How old are you and how much is he asking for. If your account is overdrawn you either need to budget better or he needs to reduce your rent. Deposit the money to cover overdraft fees and tell dad your account was overdrawn and you do not have the funds.

Other answer:

Jadzia Dax:
Talk to him, and have him help you work out a budget so you don't overdraft any more.
isnt that a bit mean that's he asking for money off of u just because ur living in his house? Just tell him the truth and tell him that you don't have enough money at the moment and you'll pay him later on in the week. He should accept that because he is ur FATHER.
Donald B:
Stop spending money. The only thing you need to spend it on is transportation to work. You would not be in this position if you had stopped spending before you ran out of money.
Assuming you are legally an adult, you can PAY your dad for your room and board, or move out, and discover he isn't charging you anywhere near what the REAL WORLD cost actually is,

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