My former wife says she can draw off my ss. how does that work?

Other answer:

If you were married for at least 10 years, you can draw 1/2 of the amount your former spouse receives in social security when you reach retirement age. It does not affect the former spouse's social security at all. Of course, if you have worked and earned enough to draw social security on your own earnings, it's usually higher than 1/2 of what your former spouse is getting in social security.
Example: You worked and when you reach retirement age, you apply for social security and receive $1400/month. When your former spouse reaches retirement age, she can apply to draw social security on your work history and will receive $700. You would still receive $1400/month, though. It has zero effect on you.
Swimming in it:
If she was married to you for at least 10 years, is not married, is not drawing from her own SS and you have filed for your benefits.. it could be possible but it will not affect YOUR draw in any way.
It's not going to affect how much you get to draw from SS so you can stop worrying about that if you are. It's a matter of how long you were married, how much you make and how much she makes. It's all defined in SS rules but again, it doesn't affect how much you get.…

it seems to me like your former wife is trying to get your feathers ruffled for some reason – unless you two are friends or talk frequently about personal business

it will not affect you in any way – I'd ignore the comment all together if brought up again

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