My friend sells his own product at school. His business is not registered. How can I safely invest in his business without getting scammed?

Other answer:

first of all selling at school is probably something that he has managed to arrange with the school and if he has this is very temporary and entirely based on his integrity alone
this is not something that will last more than a year or so since he will be moving on eventually
investing with him without a very good, clear concise contract if foolish
You can't legally enter into a contract until you're 18.
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Get a lawyer to draw up a legal contract that protects your interests as well as the friend's. In other way would be unwise.
Child, u can't.
Local educated adults can explain why locally
The only true way to protect yourself would be to draw up an enforceable contract.
Elaine M:
You both sign a contract.
Casey Y:
In what would you invest? You cannot invest in the product itself, but could invest in the business. That being said, pretty tough to do without substantial legal assistance.
A Hunch:
You can't.
Is it even following the rules for him to do this at school? Probably not.

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