My grandmother left me her house after passing.?

The house is completely paid off. She filed bankruptcy and collateral is there any chance the bank will not take the house and

Other answer:

The house could be taken in a trustee's sale – a forced sale of the house to cover bankruptcy debts. Collateral is not anything that is filed. It is a noun – you don't seem to understand the meaning of the word and I have no idea what you mean by posting the word in your question.
The whole of your grandmothers estate is part of her bankruptcy proceedings which includes the house it will be sold by the trustee and her debts paid off
Check anything with the probate judge on this one. You might get a lawyer to help you. It's worth a good deal of money. DON'T lose that house! It's just worth too much money in today's market!

You need to know that you're getting a clear title.

You need an attorney to file probate. But first you need to ascertain if the home is still in her name and not sold at a trustee sale for the bankruptcy. Just check with your tax assessor's office to determine who is in title.
In order for the heirs to get their share of an estate, all the deceased"s debts has to be paid first, including the bankruptcy.
You need an estate lawyer. If the house can be taken for debts varies by state law.
if it is paid off, they have no claim to the property. they might try to get it through the bankruptcy court, but odds are against them winning that.

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