My house was built in 1917,Where can I find the pictures.?

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BrianDMI: Ask the local historical association and the local library. If the original owner was a business owner and the business still exists, they might have an archive. Also, there might be local clubs, groups, churches, etc that the original owners belonged to, so they may have had events at your house.

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Neighbors that belong to families that have lives right around there for a long time may have photos or at least know where some are. may at least show you maps. And there is a wonderful website that involves Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. They showed where stores and restaurants and bars were located and are really neat. But I know of no web site that has gathered together a lot of old photos- that would be expensive.
There may not be pictures on record. It has never been a requirement.
You could visit the local library to search for possible history pictures.
you often can't. To get information on your house, check at the Building Inspector's office – Engineer's office. They keep some records. Check at the library – check at the court house in the property tax records.

somewhere along the line you might find something interesting.

You can ask local people if they have any, you can search and find your local history group/society and see if they have any, you can check local newspaper archives in your library to see if there is any stories/pictures , you could advertise you request on social media

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