My laptop I ordered from amazon was suppose to deliver last Wednesday seday. It didn't came?

The mail failed to deliver it, now it is suppose to come in this Wednesday. Will I get a free upgrade?

Other answer:

So what did Amazon tell you when you used common sense and asked them first instead of random online strangers? That Wednesday date was not a promise or guarantee. Don't hold your breath for a free upgrade…that is laughable.
don r:
Get a tracking number from amazon, then check that tracking number with the carrier. You'll see all the delivery progress. If it says it was "delivered", suspect it got stolen and start attempting recovery through the carrier who had it last. If it say "in transit" be patient. Where I live in California, sometimes the mail gets delivered literally in the middle of the night. I've asked our carrier to ring the bell at night when delivering a parcel and they have done that.
Chris P:
No, you won't get a free upgrade. Amazon does not operate the same business model as a pizza delivery company.
No, you won't get an upgrade, because it's probably the postal service's fault.
The Oracle of Omigod:
You don't get a reward if you are a victim of crime.
No, expensive items as such will not carry "free upgrades."
How do we know? ASK THEM…

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