My lease was terminated by the apartment management due to wide spread pet that they said we contributed . Does going affect rental history?

Other answer:

It won't hurt your rental history unless you were formally evicted by a judge in a court of law.
Yes it will effect your rental history. This will be a negative rental reference.

It does not effect your credit unless you leave owing $ & don't pay.

Simpson G.:
Lease was terminated? If you were kicked out because you violated your lease agreement, then when future landlords call this landlord to ask about you, it could cause a problem.

If your lease was simply not renewed, the landlord may choose to take the high road and simply confirm tenancy and that you paid on time. Or, he may say that he "terminated the lease due to wide spread(sic) pet that they contributed (sic)", not that this statement makes any sense.

Casey Y:
If they report to the credit bureaus, yes. If not, no.

Terminated midterm or did they choose not to renew? There is a big difference between the two.

what is a widespread pet? it won't affect your credit, but if they landlord is contacted for a reference they may give you a bad reference…or they will just say if you paid on time or not
"due to wide spread pet that they said we contributed"
No idea what you're trying to say here so, can't say if it's going to affect your history or not.