My mom got hurt on her job. She claim for industrial injury. But the payment from insurance is lower than what she earns for two weeks.?

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Workers' compensation does not cover 100% of pay because then there is no incentive to return to work. The benefit amounts are determined by law, and vary by state. Do a Google search for "workers' compensation [plus your state's name]" to find out how much is paid in the state your mom lives in.

If you had listed the state where your mom lives, could have googled WC in that state, which you can also. The above site is "general" that applies in "most" states.

But as a general rule, WC wages pays on average of 2/3 of your weekly salary. Also, depending on where you live, there could be a "waiting" period (not paid) till your mom qualifies for WC wages.

WC pays for all medical treatment due to her injury, and depending on the injury if it is a permanent or partial impairment, would your mom "might" qualify for a settlement, which is based on the "body part" injured and your states rules. There is NO pain/suffering in WC, not can you sue your employer.

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Workmens Comp does not pay the same as her salary. It is temporary to help her get by on.
Beverly S:
Yes, it always is.