My parents retired. they received S Security … do they have to file taxes?

Other answer:

Yes. SS is income.
If ss is their only income, no. If they have other income also, maybe, depends on how much and from where.
if this is their only income, it is very likely they are not required to file at all
Pascal the Gambler:
Not if that is their only income.
Of course. Social Security is income and all income must be reported on
a tax return. They may have allowable tax deductions which would need to
be claimed in order to receive a refund.
Wayne Z:
It depends if they have any other income such as from pensions or investments.

If they have other income, they may have to file.

If Social Security is their only income, they do not.

Ready for this ?? They should file to show they don't have to file…. Government double-speak.

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