My rent goes out on Nov 1 and my benefits come in on the same day.?

Is there any possibility of a 'return unpaid' event on the rent; given that they're both start of the day electronic transactions.

Best Answer:

Jamie: My rent must be paid by the 5th of the month. My pension is directly deposited on the 1st although sometimes it's been a day or two late. My rent is automatically withdrawn. So I have it set up to be withdrawn on the 3rd of each month. Never had a problem with that after I changed it from being withdrawn on the 1st to the 3rd. I'm happy, my landlord is happy.

I changed automatic withdrawal from the 1st to the 3rd because "they" tried withdrawing my rent before my deposit was made (the same date I might add). They tried withdrawing my rent shortly after midnight but my direct deposit wasn't deposited until around 6am so the rent withdrawal rejected. I wasn't notified about the problem until after the rent due date and I was charged with late rent fees. Never had one single problem after I changed the rent automatic withdrawal to the 3rd.

Other answer:

Most banks if nott all process deposits before payments.
Yes, of course there is

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