My rent has been raised over 200 dollars the last 2 years and I´m fed up. I know I basically am helpless here so I´m either gonna move or.?

can I ask for upgrades like carpet, new windows, etc?

Other answer:

Of course you can ask but I doubt you'll get those upgrades; they aren't required to give them to you. My rent has gone up $100 and I've heard rumors that my unit will eventually be costing $200 more per month than what I am paying now. My landlord SAYS that the owners have no option because their loan is with FHA and FHA is requiring that the rent be raised to "community standards."

This is happening all over the country – not just to you. I looked for a place to move to the summer of 2015 but couldn't find anything low enough in price to warrant the expense of the move. Meanwhile I have an application in to transfer to a smaller apartment.

Why do you think you are entitled to any upgrades? If you are fed up why ask for any upgrades. You should just move.

Make sure when you move, you have clause in your lease that the rent would never be raised.

The cost of things go up.

In order to operate a rental unit, your landlord is required to pay the monthly mortgage, insurance,taxes and most important keep up the maintenance of the rental unit.

Your landlord also have a family that need to be taken care of. This is your landlord's means of earning money for his family.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


A Hunch:
Sure you can ask.
Is the landlord going to provide it to you?

Can't imagine a landlord putting in new windows. That's quite a costly renovation.
New carpet? How long have you lived there? How old is the carpet?

The landlord can agree or not. They can withdraw the rent increase and instead provide you an end of tenancy. Or they can agree to allow you to stay with the current terms…

The Oracle of Omigod:
Unfortunately, rental rates are somewhat correlated to real estate values. For instance, a basic house in the Los Angeles suburbs now costs closer to $500,000 than it does to $400,000. If an investor invested $500K, she would want a 5% net return on investment. That net is after she paid real estate taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance and vacancy costs which eat up 30% to 40% of the rental income.
what percent rent is that? if rent started at $2000..that would be a common raise for 2 years….in some areas, expenses have gone up..or maybe the rent was well below market to begin with…or maybe there will need to be major repairs and the owner needs to bank money…

if you don't want to pay, you have to find someplace else to live

ask for upgrades that aren't needed and expect to pay more

You start making demands to 'upgrade' then you can expect your rent to rise again.
Renting is a business, the owner/landlord does this as a job, so the rent you pay minus what is spent is the landlords salary, costs rise and so the landlord either absorbs that loss or puts the rent up to cover those costs………. so you option is pay up and shut up or give legal notice and find somewhere else
That is a very reasonable $100.per year increase. Don't plan on moving
without a new place approval.
you can ask for anything you like, whether you get it or not is another thing, if you don't like the amounts of the increase if you haven't signed a new long term lease give the 30 day notice and move
You can ask. The answer will be no. You are entitled to what you rented and ONLY what you rented. And, they do not replace carpet while a tenant is in the unit.
Yowzaa 406:
What do your tenant laws say? If this increase is to become a trend, and is expected to continue two years from now… I personally would get the hell out of there. Good luck.

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