My uncle went over his social security retirement When they going to take the money out?

He called the SSI. Retirement One agent says it will take it in jan one agent says they wont take it out until he does his taxes so he very confused

Other answer:

Please refer to my very last paragraph.

First of all it isn't SSI which stands for Supplemental Security Income and is a federal welfare benefit. It is social security and the agency which handles it is called the Social Security Administration. SSI and social security are two entirely different programs.

I suggest that your uncle call 1-800-772-1213 and make an appointment to file for benefits either in the office or over the phone. And given his and your inability to express yourselves, I suggest that he make an in-office appointment and that you accompany him if you can. Because you sure haven't made the situation very clear.

I'm guessing that he's made too much money in order to be entitled to benefits this year but really have no idea what you are talking about – not because I wouldn't know the answer but because I haven't a clue as to what you are talking about because you are so unclear. Benefits paid in 2017 are based upon earnings through 2016 so if he worked in 2016 then he should provide his W2 form when he gets it. If he calls now and makes an appointment it will probably be in six weeks and he might have his 2016 W2 form by then which can be used in the computation of his benefits.

If he is already receiving benefits and he went over the allowable amount, he will receive a notice from them in advance of the change and the notice will tell him when the overpayment will be recovered. He SHOULD HAVE called them and given them an estimate as soon as he was aware that he would be earning over the allowable amount to avoid being overpaid. When he gets his W2 form he needs to either input his 2016 earnings at or he needs to call 1-800-772-1213 or visit or write his nearest SS office. It must be processed by the computer. If he reports it in January more than likely it will impact his March payment.

Let me guess that the individual is under full retirement age and that he earned over the limit so that his benefits are reduced. Once the Social Security Administration receives his income information, they will adjust benefits in 2017 by withholding his benefits until the overpayment for 2016 has been repaid. This could be in January, but in any case he will get a letter telling him how much is going to be repaid and when it will start. It is not related to when he does his taxes.
if your uncle took early SS he would be limited to the amount he can earn besides the SS, if this is the case, SSA will adjust his future payments of SS into 2017 and this will be determined after he files his tax return for 2016 showing he made more than his limited amount
if he doesn't file until April it will take the better part of the rest of the year for SSA to adjust his payments

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