My wallet got stolen today, is there anything specific I should do?

It had about 200 bucks, all my ID (including my health card), my school issued bus pass, and my debit card. It's all gone with the wind. I've already cancelled the debit card and got a new one.

Best Answer:

Eugene: I don't think you will ever see it again but I'd still report the theft just in case someone is caught with it, then they'll know where you are, although just don't hold your breath. Most likely the thief has already took the money out and thrown the rest away. I knew I'd never see my motorbike again but I still reported it stolen in case it was found by some miracle, and of course in case it was in an accident that wasn't me. Again, I'm talking about remote chances but if your ID is found in a compromising place, it would be helpful that it has already been reported stolen.

Other answer:

Consider your good deed for the day
Replace the lost items.