My website is not getting any sales. Ive bought targeted traffic, ive promoted through social media and no sales. What can i do to get sales?

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Steve D:
Start with a more basic question – are you getting visits? You can't get sales until you get eyeballs looking at what you are selling. If you are not getting visitors, then your promotions are not hitting the mark. So, are you providing something of value to get people to visit your web site (constantly updated content). If you are getting visitors, then it is either your product or your web site. Use Google Analytics to track your traffic – if you are getting a high bounce rate, that means your web site is not capturing people's attention – you may need a complete re-design. Or of people are not bouncing but not buying, you could be making the purchase too hard to complete. Find out where people are going elsewhere. Then you need to check your SEO to make sure you are coming up on search engines. Are you using Social Media correct (are you providing content, not just posting ads).
First you have to analysis your website. It may be possible that there are some errors, so find and resolve them.
For bringing targeted traffic to your website, lookout your site content, website design, user friendliness and navigation etc.
Ziff Spiffington:
sell something that people want at a price they are willing to pay – just because you have a website, doesn't mean anyone is ever go to shop there – there are millions of websites out there and if you are selling the same stuff as 1000's of others for the same or higher prices, you won't attract anyone's interest
First, you need to understand about your business, later need to analyze your website. I think you need to hire an SEO guy, who can work on your website.
Mabye redesign your site, come up with a good slogan, I'd recommend google adwords if you haven't tried already. Advertise at different stores with business cards, just pay them a lil money and they'll let you do it. I wish you best of luck and hope you turn out successful!
If you are sure you are bringing targeted traffic on to your site and your site is not convincing for them to buy. So work on your content, usability, navigation and website design.
Give your business generation work in the hands of TecMaestro, they will do a complete white Hat SEO and will help in generating business as soon as possible, their report will help in developing the website in a better way and 100% guarantee in generating business.
what type of website you have
Sell something people want

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