My wife doesn t have insurance now in Jan of 2017. If we wait to get her insurance until April or May will we be fined?

Best Answer:

Glen: If you're one of the people that would fall into the income limits for being fined, you would have a pro-rated fine. I'd be more concerned about not having insurance than the fine. Only takes one client that thought it would be smart to skip a couple months and lose their house to realize that going without falls under the "bad idea" category.

Other answer:

You would probably be fined.

Also, you won't be able to get insurance if you wait, unless you wait a lot longer. You cannot get insurance whenever you want. You generally get only one opportunity each year. If you do not get insurance when you can, then you usually don't get another chance until about a year later.

Beverly S:
You can be without insurance for 3 months of the year without penalty. She will need to have insurance by April 1, 2017 to avoid the penalty.
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Unless the law is changed you will be for the months she isn't covered.
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