Next day shipping?

I placed and order Thursday and I paid $14 for next day shipping and it says it won't get here until Monday, does that mean I just wasted $14 on next day shipping and i won't get it till Monday

Other answer:

Sounds perfectly normal. Bought on Thursday, the next day is Friday when it ships out. Weekends are not business days….ta da, come to Monday. Next day shipping does NOT mean next day processing, shipping, and delivery.
No, shipping isn't always the only thing that has to be done or you ordered too late for the item to ship on Thursday. You will receive it Monday had you not paid for next day then you would have gotten it Tuesday or later.
It is Friday. If you get it Monday, you ARE getting it next day shipping – next business day. You cannot expect delivery on weekends or holidays. As to whether you wasted your money, that is for you to decide. You either want it next day or you do not.
Andy L:
It may still be expedited order handling and shipping. Weekend delivery is an extra premium and unavailable to many homes. If they got it out today, Monday is the next business day, and read the exact words involved.
That's happened to me before and I got a refund for the next day shipping costs.
I think your Thursday order would be shipped Friday (today), that's the one day SHIPPING. Now Monday would be the next business day for you to expect delivery. I'm not sure you paid for Sat/Sun delivery. If they said 1 day DELIVERY you might have expected delivery today or Sat for sure.
Wasted, no. Till Monday, yes.
You want get it untill monday because weekends are busy.
Contact them and ask them for it to be refunded, and to sort their **** out

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