Not many people ahead on public housing waiting list?

I have 22 people ahead of me on a apartment complex I applied for its based off my income. Does anyone know how long it usually takes? I m not sure how many was ahead of me when i first applied so 22 should be good right? Lol praying it s fast

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Rikki C:
Depends what turnover they have and the size of the building. Say they have 20 units and average stay is 4 years it would mean 5 units a year come available so about 4.5 years. They could speed up if people on the wait list make other plans, some might die or land jobs or go to nursing home so drop off the list.
A person at the top of the list could take a year or more.
3 – 13 years, depending on where you are.
Could be 2 weeks, could be 2 yrs or 10yrs, depends on how and when property becomes available
it could take years

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