Now that we know that Americans will be paying for the wall (even with 20 percent tariff), it will still be Americans paying more in the end?

Someone tell me that ain't so.

Don't want to regret electing Trump, but I'm starting to think he was a mistake.

Best Answer:

Pat Wooden: Trump is just beginning to realize the realities of world politics. He can't make another country do anything. He doesn't even control America by himself. Congress makes the laws and approves spending bills, and all law changes can be subject to decisions of the Supreme Court. Remember checks and balances? Trump doesn't have as much power as he thinks he does.

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Pat Wooden:
whats wrong with paying for it at first like president said? build a stronger border (a wall) keep the bomber assholes out and the aliens, yes most people are stupid like you
The 20% tariff on Mexican goods entering the US means that Americans consumers will pay 20% more for those goods, so yes, American consumers would end up paying for it. But don't worry, it won't happen. This is because all Mexico has to do is retaliate by slapping a 20% tariff on all US goods entering Mexico. Mexicans can't chin a 20% price increase as easily as Americans can, so sales will drop resulting in US workers losing their jobs. Once that happens, (or once Trump clues in), the tariff idea will be tossed.
Come on buddy, don't beat yourself up about it. It's not like Trump gave any warning signs that he would be a loose cannon BEFORE the election. (sarcasm)
we already have a wall covering a lot of miles and yet they still come, by the droves, they manage to climb over the wall there already, dig tunnels, they come by boats skirting the wall altogether
the point is more enforcement needs to be done to find them when they are already here
those billions could be better spent on more enforcement people, more enforcement of laws already on the books
A Hunch:
Please don't troll…
No one with 1/2 a brain cell, including D. Trump, expected the Mexican's to pay for a wall…
if it hurts trump im happy.
Oh, is this because everything you buy is from Mexico?
Nothing can be paid for over night. But we do know that spending 300 billion a year to keep them here isn't going to work either. So do the math.

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