Ok..How do I stop my income tax, from NOT to give out my income ?

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If I understand your broken English, you are asking how not to have any taxes taken out of your pay check. I am assuming you know that if you make over a certain amount, you will eventually need to pay some kind of taxes on a tax return. However, if you are making under the minimum amount, you won't owe anything, and can apply to get any taxes withheld refunded to you by doing a tax return. Anyone can file a W-4 at any time at your place of employment. If you KNOW you will not owe anything, you can put "exempt" on the bottom line of the W-4. Or, you can claim many exemptions, for example 10, and they probably will not take any taxes out if you are not making a lot of money. In the end, when you do a mandatory tax return, that is when you know if you owe or get your refund. Go to Turbotax.com for a free tax return.
Huh? Your income taxes doesn't give anything out. By lãw your wages hás to bê reported by your employer to IRS. No1 hás access to your annual income made for a particular yr unless you provided a copy to who ever requested them
Max Hoopla:
Stop earning income. Works every time.
IRS makes refunds only to those who have filed a tax return to claim the refund
they don't just arbitrarily send refund money out willy nilly, it has to be claimed
if you are a victim of id theft then you need to contact IRS about this problem
Your question does not make any sense. Who is revealing your income and to whom are they revealing your
Judy, why do you ask the same question over and over again? Maybe you aren't too bright ?
Cathi K:
Neither question makes any sense. Not giving what information to who?
You can't
Linda R:
YOU can't.

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