Ordered something to the wrong address? (Tofu Cute)?

I just ordered a package from 'Tofu Cute' And when putting in my address I forgot to put the street number, I put down the street, but not the number. I sent them an email- but is there something else I could do??

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Cute Tofu
Passive Agresssor:
If you are in the US, abandon hope. Even if the delivery man knows you, it is against insane postal laws to deliver: it will be returned to the local post office where it will sit for about 4 days……then sent to the sorting center where – I assume – they will manage to sort it for 7-10 days……if you hit the jackpot it will be sent to some major facility as far away from you as possible (like Salt Lake City) where it will be sorted for a week or 2. It might eventually be returned to the send – – – but probably will have been stolen by a dedicated postal employee somewhere along the line.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Postmen are quite intelligent. They will work out the number from the other mail that you receive.

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