Penny stock millionaires?

How do they do it? I want to get into penny stocks (I know I won't be able to become a millionaire) 25 year olds with millions to their name.

I have a few hundred I want to turn into a few thousand

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Bipin Kumar TRPL:
Penny stocks, even although they run similar to blue-chip shares, are an entirely different ball game. They have a lot more risk attached to them.
Firstly, they are liquid, meaning getting in or out of a position at the price you want is enormously difficult. If the price starts falling, you could be unable to find a lot of money.
Better off buying lottery tickets. Your odds will be better.

Watch The Wolf of Wall Street, and realize you are NOT the wolf.

The old joke of 'How do I become a Millionaire investing in Penny Stocks? Start with two million.'
Penny Stocks are NOT for beginners. The SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) regulates most stocks. NOT Penny Stocks though. So without that regulation, Penny Stocks are manipulated by a lot of unsavory people. Beginners should Far Away from Penny Stocks.
LOL – advertising & 100% BS.
Wow child, u bought in to that scam – hook line and sinker.
DO some Serious research about the scam of penny stocks.
Start with googling it at S.E.C. website.
Mainly they lie about it. Penny stocks are pretty much a SCAM. Broken companies. Lots of manipulation. The vast majority who get involved lose, most without a clue as to why they lost.

I suggest that you read the SEC warning on penny stocks. Link below.

In general, stop being a sucker for get-rich-quick schemes.

A nobody:
There aren t many people who can claim they made a million dollars using penny stocks, and those that do are lying. Only a fool or a Newbie thinks that one can become rich through penny stocks.

The major brokerage firm on Wall Street do not and would not get involved with penny stocks.
Professional traders do not and would not get involved with penny stocks.
Experienced traders do not and would not get involved with penny stocks.
The Federal Government prohibits broker/dealers from recommending penny stocks.
In fact, the Federal Government tells the general public not to get involved with penny stocks.

Only those with little or no experience in the market believe that penny stocks can be investment vehicles, they don’t know that penny stocks do not trade in a regulated market, nor do they know what a regulated market means, but that’s understandable since they nor do they know very little or nothing about how a real market operates
If professional & experienced insiders along with regulators do not think one should get involved with Penny Stocks, why do you, a newbie, think you should. Just remember that famous saying – "A fool and their money are parted".

Penny stocks are a joke. Any so called "advisers" who will recommend penny stocks are just scammers.

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