Poll: What should I wear to my interview??

I have an interview at Logan's Roadhouse tomorrow as a hostess. What should I wear?

Best Answer:

Allison: Wear a smart shirt and a black skirt (or black trousers if you're like me and not into skirts). And don't wear trainers, I wore my trainers to an interview once when I was going from my boyfriend's and didn't have any other shoes with me. Big mistake, got rejected within an hour after the interview. I've had interviews and been rejected since then, but have never worn trainers since, I always wear boots or black shoes. So you should also wear boots (black leather boots, not the soft furry ones). And make sure your clothes are clean and tidy, so you can look like you've made some effort, especially if you want the job, which I assume you do. I have an interview tomorrow too like you, but mine is for M&S.

Other answer:

Always dress neatly and clean to any interview.
I think a mini skirt would be appropriate here. Maybe some fishnet stockings and stilettos. Be sure to show a lot of cleavage as well.
Average Joe:
Start with clean undies , disability duke shorts and white tank top
Don't forget cowboy boots and shave them legs.
A nice dress or slacks and a blouse.
A birthday suit.
Classy white collar shirt and black pants with black leather shoes
neat attire, not gaudy or flashy, if they want you to wear more appealing clothes they will tell you when they hire you
something neat

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