Question About PayPal?

I would like to get a PayPal, I'm 13 years old. But since you gotta be 18 before you can have it in your name, I wanted to ask if you can possibly get PayPal in my parent's name? I have wished for it for 3 years now and I wanted answers.

Other answer:

If your parents have a Paypal account, they can set up a student account for you which will be associated with theirs. You can get a debit card to make purchases, which will be deducted directly from your parents' bank account, or from the bank account they open for you. However, if you use the debit card at ATM machines, Paypal hits you with fees. And, like any other Paypal user who uses their account to sell, there are fees for payments you receive.

Read the terms carefully before signing up.

No, you cannot get an account in anyone else's name. However, your parents can open a Paypal account and allow you to use "their" account. You will need their permission to use it. Remember, it is THEIR account if it is in their name. When you are 18, you can open your own account.
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Max Hoopla:
If your parents want to get an account and give you the password, that's their business.

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