Question about Walmart return policy?

I just bought a CD player at Walmart. It turned out to be defective, and I decided to return it. I have the receipt, but the original box is basically destroyed (it was hard to get it open). Can I still return it?

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Nuff Sed:
In the USA, you can ABSOLUTELY return a defective product for replacement or refund regardless of what their "return policy" might say. It's called "fraud" if they attempt to make you eat the cost of a product that does not function as advertised, i.e., the "express warranty".

The "receipt" thing sometimes pertains to the "extended warranty" or the "no questions asked" warranty, i.e., making it easier for everyone if there isn't any reason to doubt your motives.

There are, believe it or not, people who try to take advantage of generous store return policies, amounting to theft. This happens a lot with Superbowl and people trying to return an expensive TV the week after, saying they no longer want it, even if it's not defective. Some stores implemented a policy of charging "restocking fees" (i.e., rent) unless there is actually something inherently wrong with how the TV works (to discourage intentional damage to claim "defective").

Walmart return policy is on-line.
I would suggest you read their policy, if it states the item in the original box that is what it means, whether the box is torn up or not, the scan code is on the box and that is what is needed to enter it in the cash register
the item does not have that scan code on it
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D J:
IF the CD is defective & you have the receipt you might be able to get the CD replaced with the same title.
yes if you have reciept
no but you can exchange it