Real answers only please… in a rough spot. Wages are being garnished, behind in bills, already have a title loan…?

Real answers only please in a rough spot. Wages are being garnished, behind in bills, already have a title loan, single mom, no family, poor credit, been denied for loansI m really in a tough spot and don t know what other options, if any there are. Any feedback aplreciated.

Other answer:

Bankruptcy will not cancel a court ordered garnishment, and will not cancel your title loan, unless you want to give up your car.

Sell stuff you have that you can get some money for – yard sale, not ebay. Take a second or third job to bring in extra income. Take some classes or learn new skills that might enable you to earn more money with those skills. Baby sit, walk dogs, cut grass, garden, paint walls, fences, etc. Do laundry for neighbors, for cash, clean houses, anything that people may pay for your services, to bring in some cash, without the court becoming aware of the situation.

You are going to have to get another job. Work is the only way to dig yourself out. Title loans just ensure you will lose the car in many cases.

You have a car. You could deliver pizza. You could wait tables. Plenty of places need help particularly on weekends.

They could garnish those jobs too IF they found out about them but they are mostly tips and they cant garish tips. And they probably wont find out about them. You could also switch regular jobs. They might later garnish it too but you would probably get 2-4 months without it. And don't tell anyone where you wont. Don't apply for credit.

Dan B:
The problem here is you have too much debt. Don't take on any more loans. You can't borrow yourself into prosperity – only the gov't can do that (so we think). Each time you apply for a loan or credit card, your score takes a hit whether you are approved or not. Look for a 2nd job. Look at what you are spending your money on, reduce expenses. Cut out cable TV if you have it. Look at the food you're buying; get store branded versions – much less expensive. If you have an internet account, cancel it until you get back on your feet.
Google local homeless shelter for clean shower bed for u/kid
GO located New jobs.
Garnishment will take 3 – 6 months
For new jobs
You go the bankruptcy route.
That would allow you to start over.
But that also means that for seven years to come in most places, you can't go bankrupt again.
You can try to get food stamps to bridge the gap and feed the kids, if you're working you probably make too much for welfare. Legal aid should help you with filing for bankruptcy.
amy lynn:
Talking to a bankruptcy lawyer about your options for bankruptcy is usually free for the first appointment. They can tell you if you qualify for bankruptcy and which debts you have that would qualify to be cancelled under bankruptcy.

Your main choices are to find a second job or a bettter paying job or find out if you qualify for bankruptcy.


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