Real Estate Investments? What are the ALL the different ways to invest in Real Estate? I know about mobile homes, buying homes then?

renting them out, flipping houses, rent-to-own What other types of ways are there to make money in real estate? Please name as many as you know about, and if you could explain what they are, that would be helpful also. Thank you.

Other answer:

Mobile homes are not investments. Rent to own is a scam. Invest in land,
apartment buildings, commercial buildings,hotels and resorts.Blocks of new
richard t:
RE development – take a piece of raw land or an underdeveloped area and turn it into something pristine. Oondos, time shares, commercial renting, storage facilities, mobile home parks all can be great investments. Just need the right price, some imagination and a bit of luck.
Those are some great starters. I would also add on new construction, additions to pre-existing homes, and purchasing a property fixing it up to a certain degree, refinancing to obtain a lower mortgage payment, renting it out, and then repeating. FYI, The user that claims investing in mobile homes is not profitable or A true investment, is not familiar with REI. You will have many people tell you that certain strategies are not good because they are not good at it. The truth is there are an infinite number of strategies out there, and you need to find which is suitable for you, because with each strategy, comes investors that are extremely knowledgeable and profitable.
So you are limiting yourself to houses. Not going to invest in a REIT or farms, commercial property, hunting leases and such?

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