Regulation preventing start-up businesses – how so?

We have repeatedly heard the claim that regulations
prevent people from starting new businesses.

Can somebody provide an example of such occurrence?
That is, of a person who did not start a business because
of regulations.

Other answer:

Fried Kitten:
When government regulates an industry or business it can be restrictive or even adversarial. One must comply with requirement /laws/rules/regulations by government agencies for establishing the business. One must follow the rules.
These requirements could mean a restriction and burden financially or in time and effort.
One must ask – do I qualify to own such a business? Is it worth the investment? Can I afford it? Is it worth all the time & effort to get it going? How do I stay in compliance to keep my business operating? Etc, etc, etc.
On the other hand, government regulation can also be collaborative or complimentary. Its' purpose is to protect the consumer or the labor force.
Steve D:
Hypothetical case – person wants to open a catering business out of their home. Regulations require certain things before opening – a business license, a health inspection and a commercial kitchen with a separate facility for cleaning dishes, etc. in order to comply with the regulations, the person would have to add on to the existing kitchen, putting in a new ventilation system, commercial appliances (at thousands of dollars per appliance), new wash station (sink with adequate hot water, etc. – another few thousand dollars for purchase and installation). Total cost $50,000 – $75,000. Banks will only lend up to a max of 75% of they cost (say $60,000) so the person needs $20,000 out of pocket – enough to discourage many people from opening.
Liberals are Hypocrites:
I have a much better idea. Rather than depend on the babbling of bamboozled buffoons on this silly site, TRY STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Learning from experience rather than depending on the opinion of others will be a novel idea for most liberals, but give it a try.
yes, if you think you can make great cakes and sell them to the public, you will be barred from doing so until you get health permit and certificate for your premises which will have to pass the health requirements of your county
John D:
I might say some things but I see from your comments that you just want to argue. So, there's that…..

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