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How would I list it on my resume or application if i have worked at different locations of a chain grocery store?

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Beth Kaulitz:
Under work experience, when you list the job and company as well as date, there is an option to expand it through a description of your role. You can include the locations/branches on this section.

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There should be a section entitled EXPERIENCE on your resume.

List your jobs in that section and give the name of the "position" you held while working there. Also mention the challenges (CHALLENGE) you had. The ACTION you took to meet the challenge. Then you add the RESULTS of your action. Do that for each job you are listing. In other words, the employers want to see what you did at your other jobs. They are mostly interested to find out if you can do the same for THEM. You have to establish that in each of your last jobs. This section can also be entitled WORK HISTORY.

If u have microsoft word 2010, u can use auto resume template.
an employment specialist can edit ur resume.
They don't care about different locations.. all they care about is different jobs with different skills
Happy Gramps:
unless you had different duties at each location, you would just write: " worked at ABC markets from xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx in various departments "
Just put the name of the chain. No reason to include each location.

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