Running business from home?

Hello I'm 15 and I am looking to start a business online- it needs to be simple and can be done easily. I'm not looking for loads of money just something to do in the holidays, I am able to post things out but I don't have any ideas.

Other answer:

Running business from home is not as easy like you're thinking. Online home business is also kind of real business, hence you will need to apply real efforts and common sense. Sometimes it can happen that someone may get some decent cash from online but that will not happen everyday. For running real home business from home, you will need proper guide and strategy as well.
Elijah M:
Are you wanting to actually try and start up a business, or are you wanting to sell things off of Ebay or Etsy?

If it is the latter, think of things that you can make or enjoy making.
for example:
– people LOVE hand knit/crochet things for babies
– maybe you know where really cool looking rocks are and you can polish them
– can you make intricate friendship bracelets?
– can you make a kit to make something?

Good luck!

Look for the book called Working from home using your computer and your brain and pick one of the things it lists that you can do without spending money.

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