Security deposit?

Would a landlord or appartment complex send your security deposit back by certified mail? Or does that mean there s more to it than just your security deposit?

Other answer:

They could send it that way. No sending it certified means nothing. The law does not require either a refund or a bill to be mailed certified. Only way to find out is to sign for it, open the envelope & see what it is.
They dont have to send it certified but they could. If they are deducting for fees, rent owed or damages, they must submit a letter to you within a proscribed time explaining why.
No, not usually. They send it by regular mail.
No it is not. Certified mail is so you have to sign for it, proving that you have received it in case it becomes an issue later.
Lucius T Fowler:
I would EXPECT them to send it back by certfied mail, if that's the way you wanted it.
Oh yes – they probably would. they want to see that YOU got it and it has your signature on it.

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