Selling food door to door?

I want to go to Costco or Walmart and buy a bulk amount of pre packaged dried fruit or nuts. Assuming selling door to door is legal in my area, are there any other legal things I need to get sorted out before I begin selling?

Other answer:

You can look up most of your local (city or county) laws and regulations online.

I know that where I live there are weird regulations..
(mostly regarding fruits)
– like "you can't sell prepackaged items, but you can sell by the weight" (so the second you decide to put something in a package you are being illegal)
– you cannot sell anything that you have changed or altered (depending on the item "changing it" can be as simple as washing an apple, or it can be more like baking and selling cinnamon or caramel apples)
– etc.

I know that if you are buying a prepackaged item from a store, there is a good chance that you legally cannot use the product of an established company to sell their item..

Your best bet would be to look up wholesale items, because they are being sold specifically for you to re-sell..
(however, likely you will need a business license to actually be able to buy from a wholesaler)

BUT, unless you are a child, people are not going to be kind, and are not likely to buy food from a door to door stranger. (you hear all there horror stories of people dying from poisoned food)

Good luck!

I don't really believe this is legal going door to door, it depends on the product. Most say on the label "not for individual sell". If you are younger (14 and below I would say) you could probably get away with making a sort of stand to sell them. Like a lemonade stand but not for lemonade.
Go to city hall and ask them.
Leicester City:
you should sell chocolate and i will caught you for days if you runaway.

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