SEO for wordpress outside the US?

I am living outside the US but would like to write blogs targeting people in the US. Is there any tips to get good SEO solution? I guess getting .us domain would be useful but would like to know other tips. Thanks!
I would like to know free solution for this. I know there are many SEO solutions that charges me.

Other answer:

Well, consider top level domain .com that would be good. Coming to traffic what ever you targeted GEO area use business, yellow page postings and make update social media websites. Before promoting follow SEO techniques panda, penguin, pigeon and humming bird updates. Make sure your website should be responsive otherwise you many loss some traffic (tab, smartphones etc)

Hope it's useful for you.

Naidu SEO

Yeah, there will be a perfect solution for this problem.
Hopefully you know different blog posting sites, by using those blog sites you can starting posting your blog relevant to your site.
I would like to suggest one more blog posting site which is effective too i.e, quora.
This is the only site which has multiple features such as discussion, blog post, topic creation etc…
I suggest you hire a Professional SEO to do your on-page optimization properly instead of doing it yourself through trial and error. It all start on-page!
It's rather simple actually.

In you can set your "blog language"- make sure it's set to "en-US" (English US)…

This will tell most search engines your target audience is English speakers in the USA

Now , after that you create a "Google webmaster tools" account (its free) and add your blog(s) to that account-in the control panel you can actually tell Google where your target audience is and Google will use the info when returning search results to people.

any place that offers blogs you can set up that are available to you outside the US are open game
Share your blog in US blogs, forum and other websites. So that you will get more traffic from US as you wish.
search for sites that has us domain and then do posting on it

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